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Sean james Leads the Fred Segal Salon team for America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 - Episode 3 [Part 2] - Patricia Field

It was a fantastic experience leading the Fred Segal Salon Team , for Mathew preece , I got to see all the looks that Tyra had chosen for the girls Then talk with the extensions specialist from the show , & then assign girls to the team members most suited to the hair , the Nordic hair extensions , they looked beautifully Natural. after the looks wher complete then It was tome do do the photo shoot , I got to work with every girl with their completed looks and work directly with the photographer , creating these beautiful images , a place I feel most comfortable although not seen much In the show theres a flash of the back of my head holding the fan , you can also see me snipping away at that beautiful Long Halo I got to cut & color Red , it was a complete day , from 8am till Twelve at night everyone enthused at the moment of change for the girls, with a full production team 18 hairstylists And 15 makeup Artists . all and all it was a hustle , and ended up with a great feature for our fantastic Fred Segal Team at Fred Segal Salon.
Call for your next appointment and consultation with me on Nordic hair extensions your new cut and color , make a change call 3109074022


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CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST ,SEAN JAMES, does a tutorial doing Cole Sprouse's hair .

Released today on YouTube and his insta  @seanjameshair . Sean takes us through  his technique of cutting Coles hair  for  His character Jughead on Riverdale at the Matthew Preece salon , the introduction begins in the room that  colored Coles hair at his house.   He then takes us through his techniques. Connecting the hair to the shorter lengths ,he demonstrates how to over direct the hair  to keep the length  for the fringe / bangs as they talk and catch up . Cole takes a few breaks to ham it up for the camera



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 For advice you can message him  on his Instagram,@seanjameshair and do virtual hair color applications with him he accepts Venmo and Pay pal  it the new way to see your hairstylist, Hairstylists all over the country are doing it for their clients,
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Jamie Lee Curtis cuts up the red carpet for “Knives Out “ premier hair by Sean James