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Sean James sets his sites for his new show "Halfway home" to appear on the OPRAH network

In the making is my new makeover show ,  "Halfway Home" , a show helping  people with unfortunate Life & style situations, giving them help & guidance to live with   a more modern take on their life and style .    Giving them that extra help to move on with their life, and a way from  their past bad choices   and /or unfortunate situations. It is an exciting goal to have  , having been inspired by Oprahs" living your best life"  and I've decided to take control.   My action, trying to find a way that I can give back  to my community,  having made many bad choices myself , I want to move forward with this new direction , and that is one of service  , look out, & watch it happen , best foot forward .  xo SJ

" How do I look" featuring Sean James

What an amazing time I had  working on the new season of "How do I look," on the Style network. Hollywood Blvd. was shut down for the reveal on a Friday night!  It was a big operation. Executive producer Riaz Patel  and senior Producer Camilla Rahaman,  formerly from American Idol, have done an amazing job doing an actual makeover on the show itself . I cant wait until it airs. New host Jeannie Mai, is charismatic  and caring  & guides  our fashion challenged Melissa Telwar though the  steps .   My job was to do the hair transformation & morph  Melissa, formerly nicknamed "Turtle,"      ( due to hiding under a  beanie )  into a newly made over more respectable  young woman & wow does she  emerge with some makeup help by my assistant Katie Oneil and wardobe by Bory Tan, we hope she keeps it up !  Great job  everyone! I look forward to finding out about coming back for  episode six. fingers crossed everyone. I would love to be doing my own makeover show, …