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Sean James does Jamie lee Curtis' Hair For the Cover of More Magazine

Once again The stunning Jamie lee Curtis,Graces the cover Of,"MORE"magazine , Here is Beautful shot Of Jamie & I backstage also the wonderful cover chosen , Out on the Newstands Now , Jamie Is starring In , A fantastic NEW upcoming comedy with Siguorney Weaver , called "YOU Again " a very funny situation comedy , when two high school Rivals Run into each other and have to deal with each other on a family level , also starring Betty White ., Shot by Brigitte Lacombe,Hair, Sean James For RUSK Makeup Eric Barnard styled by Johhny Lichtenstein. I was fortunate enough To get to do Jamies hair for the cover of this issue entiteled "Bye Bye Beauty - Memories of my Mother " Here are some of the behind the scenes shots Enjoy............


this is a commercial I directed wrote ,produced and edited with Kayte Brandon it was really a great time and done on a really limited budget I would have loved to have ad it on Air but I guess this is the next best thing , ENJOY !

SEAN James endorses"The Cove" PSA - My Friend Is...

If you swam in the ocean Or dreamt of it did you ever imagine a dolphin by your side , Protecting you from sharks , It's true they do that , there have been many cases recorded, they know when we are in trouble and help us ,unconditionally cant We help them? , what will you do to help ? its simple view this , pass it along watch the movie 'The Cove" please we need you help , THEY need your help !