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Missing Jay leno.

Late night Tv's ssssssssssso sad with the new addition Of Conan,in replacement of Jay, and whats up with the lame Guests that they have on the show ? They may as well just start having Bloggers  on I'd think we'd be far more funny & interesting , In fact , My sister Jennifer Lalor, sitting on her  Eco farm Raising Four children in New Zealand doing graduate school online & working a full time Job  And raisng a bunch of stinky sheep ,  Has funnier stories,   In Jays Last week  on air I was fortunate enough to get to to do Jamie lee Curtis's  hair for he last    night on the show .  As usual Jays team where  so welcoming , and as a true gentleman  Jay came backstage to greet Jamie  & wish her luck before she went out on stage to sit with him as he always did . there was usually a very dirty joke told  whenever he came backstage  this night   although this was the exception  Jay seemed a little more  reflective .   I miss the show,  But glad I can share with you …

Arcona event in LA.

Another weeknight in Hollywood ,  I was fortunate enough to meet China Chow and do her hair last night,  while makeup artist Kerri Malouf  brightend up her  face with Mineral makeup ZUZU, for an event for a wonderful new skin care line  called  Arcona.The event was at VIE Eco boutique  on west 3rd st. In LA.   Thrown  by M.M.L .pr  all the usual suspects from the fashion world where there , stylst B.   the editors from IN STYLE .Emily Deschanel from Bones, jewelery designer Nancy Bennet from SIDVINTAGE, along with a sophisticated group of women  having their faces primped & scrubbed by Arcona,  There a bout three other men  ,besides myself.  One of them being Kevin Anderson the president of Arcona. It was really a very nice eve

"Beauty fix" features expert Sean James as panelist

Wow  this "Beauty Fix" is really a great deal for those of you who love to get beauty products. This has got to be the best deal in the country, & it is sent straight to your door every month. It features the best  products for the best deal , IM NOT Kidding.  Also keep your eye out for the new "How do I look" on the style network  Im appearing as the new style expert , Im so excited . it was really a great experience.  Keep your fingers crossed  my own product seems to be the next step , LOOK out Jonathan.