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Modern salon covers the Monarchy show

Im so excited to be in Modern Salon this Month Im so happy they covered the show Iits been such a great month for hair I m so excited about so much progression there are so many great influences in fashion , Im super inspired by Valentino an super hi class fashion I love all the new Dada dolls collection from Sasson , Hi contrast , just like life we need it visually to be inspired
Lets get creative , I cant wait to see what we come up with next
Stay tuned

Beautiful brunettess

Im so excited to be quoted in Launchpad magazine this month. I really do think Jennifer Connoly is one of our Beautiful brunettes , with winter on its way in , we are seeing more and more brunettes & also redheads appearing on the covers of the magazines .
Getting rid of that over bleached summer hair is the thing to do , add some lowlights to your sandy blondes & make sure to get a nice depp conditioner on those ends you hair will never look better