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HAIR BY SEAN JAMES Makeup, BY Aaron Paul  Styling and Dress By Pamela Barish 

 It was so Thrilling to do Rhian Rees'  For her Red carpet, We first met at Matthew Preece salon when Rhian came in to do some tests for her  character  Dana Haines  for Her on-screen appearance  in Blumhouses Halloween Starring Jamie Lee Curtis ,  The MTV Movie & TV Awards, which took place on June 17th at 9/8c, have announced their nominees for 2019, and our very own Rhiwho portrayed ‘Dana Haines’ in last year’s smash hit Halloween has been nominated in the category of ‘Most Frightened Performance!’ 

 Rhian was so excited when I got her text we were texting back and forth talking about all the different options of what we could do with her hair. Originally a different dress and Straight hair, but for this dress, by Pamela Barish, we decided a more classic look 

 Tools                        Platform Blowdryer 2000, FHIheat                 Titanium Curling Iron, FHIheat Heat protectant…