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Fashion Wire Press TOP 10 ,Monarchy Collection NY fashion week , Hair By Sean James

Thank you Fashion wire press Im so excited to to have been involved with Monarchy , For you to have chosen them in your Top 10 It was really a Beautiful collection.
What an amazing time we all had at new york fashion week , Joico, was Kind enough to be our sponsor & I was fortunate enough to be able to lead and amazing team coordinated by my assistant Katie Oniel Brammer. Greg Arlt lead the team for mac cosmetics . Thank you to Tracie May & Eric Kim for trusting me with the Look for the hair although simple It was the perfect compliment to a fantastically consulted and styled Show by Laura Duncan. I look forward to doing more work with Monarchy in the future.
Keep your eyes out Folks Monarchy ,although having had some difficulties with this Economic crisis Will rise to the Top the strong survive & after working with this amazing team for close to Five years I am confident after this The cream will rise .

Some New Pictures I recently did With Christina Hendrix

Beauty fix

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xo sj

Sean James ''The Colorist"

An exciting view I'd like to share with you , Click on the picture to read ,

Sean James Fashion forward

Wow I was so excited to see this ,

"Instyle" quote with Sean James

Teddy Thompson performs at Largo

what a fantastic saturday eve at largo in los angeles at the old Coronet theatre. Teddy looked amazing on stage with his , newly cropped short mens cut that I had done on friday . with his classic good looks and British flair he was radient on stage, as his voice and guitar echoed though the room there was an amazing turnout , with a packed house, in the audience where the likes of William Shatner, Chris Robinson,Jane adams star of new hbo series "Hung", Frally hynes and beautifully put together crowd that Teddy tends to attract ,
I was fortunate enough to be invited along to dinner afterward where we sat and swapped stories of adventures with "Bill" and his wife Liz frally Teddy and Jane what a delightful evening now im packing for Cochella , I can wait to share my adventure about the trip .
Au Revouir xo Sj

Leonard Cohen at the nokia centre

What an amazing 3 1/2 hour concert from a very generous Man who gave it his all . I was fortunate enough to meet everyone and do their hair during the rehersal for the tour before they left for Europe & Australia . Although their look was the antithesis of fashion styled with a beautiful hat ,with everyone in the band wearing the same or similar style, it was almost watching a band of" Leonards" , it reminded me of that old "Wings" video I think the song was "coming up " or something like that , where Paul McCartney played a different character on every instrument .
I have never seen so many standing ovations I think it was after every song , & then to top it off Leonard did four encore performances. each one with ovations as he gleefully skipped skipped off the stage so lightly as if god himself where pulling the strings
Tonight will be Teddy Teddy Thompson at Largo " the velvet fog" I LOOK FORWARD TO SHARING ABOUT…
Well it looks like Im going to Las Vegas with Famed singer songwriter Teddy Thompson , to see his new mentor Elton John in Las Vegas , what a great trip thats going to be . then Im coming back to L.A. to travel to Cochella where I will be doing Leonard Cohen and his bands hair & then traveling with them up to Vancouver.
Im so great full to be doing what I truly love and make a healthy income from it , I wish you all the same and more ,
I have many carreer Plans , & have been taking tiny steps , toward , My goals , My latest book that I highly recommend is "The wealthy spirit" a daily affirmation guide by Chellie Campbell.
I hope to oneday be able to become a motivational speaker to help others , get to a comfortable state of mind. Stay tuned.....
But in the meantime Im working on the Task at hand , and a product in development, that I hope to be able to get to you through this blog , to help control and nourish your hair .
At the moment Im working with BeautyFi…