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It was a great afternoon doing hair with a fantastic team , supported By Phyto, And Smashbox cosmetics makeup By Lori Taylor and herSmashbox team , newly aquired by Estee lauder.
All the Usual fashion suspects where there , Including princess Theodora Of Greece who's star is slowly rising in Los Angeles as an Actress .
I was fortunate enough to get to do the hair for Julias Show . The clothes where beautifully made pastel Candy colored gowns and mini dresses .The models walked amongst the garden soiree and a faux grasscovered deck and mound , looking out over all of LA , from The hills to down town & the Coastline, It was a great beautiful fall afternoon
Hair was pulled back tight into a ponytail Sprayed with phyto laque The ponytail split and curled , and set then backcombed and set into movement building a foundation , for clusters of candy colored Butterflies made of feathers and pinned,perfect for a garden party .


  1. You have done an absolutely amazing job once again. Your creative instincts and professionalism continure to amaze me. Very talented artiste!!!!!!!


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