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"You AGAIN" Premier.

What a pleasure it was to go on the whirlwind tour across America to NYC and Back . Working with Camille Clarke And Eric Barnard , both swapping out doing Jamie's Makeup , and the wonderful Jane Ross Styling Jamie along the way. It is a pleasure being part of such an Exclusive team . We started out yesterday Doing Tavis Smiley, at KCET he' s always an interesting interview to watch and the crew nad interns very welcoming, we ran into Neil Sedaka. I used the Phyto volume at the roots , my favorite new Solano Blowdryer PINK FOR BREAST CANCER We prepped Jamie there for the show , and reconvened at the very cool Rosevelt hotel , Just up the street where swarms of people waiting for everyones arrival , It was a ZOO. HOLLYWOOD Bld. was Shut Down! Sigourney and Jamie Both Wore the same dress , they both looked amazing ! It was a cute gag ,and reflected in the movie


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Cole Sprouse Haircut tutorial

CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST ,SEAN JAMES, does a tutorial doing Cole Sprouse's hair .

Released today on YouTube and his insta  @seanjameshair . Sean takes us through  his technique of cutting Coles hair  for  His character Jughead on Riverdale at the Matthew Preece salon , the introduction begins in the room that  colored Coles hair at his house.   He then takes us through his techniques. Connecting the hair to the shorter lengths ,he demonstrates how to over direct the hair  to keep the length  for the fringe / bangs as they talk and catch up . Cole takes a few breaks to ham it up for the camera



HOW TO COLOR YOUR HAIR AT HOME SEAN JAMES, celebrity stylist tells all .

Do you have COVID 19  quarantined, stay at home  Hair ?
 Carona hair?
  How do I color  My own hair?
 How do I touch up my roots?
 How do I cover my greys?
 How do I do my own hair at home?
 How to do a TBAR touch up ?

 There are so many questions, And it's hard to get the right answer, but Sean James celebrity hairstylist, and  Art director of  FHIheat, touches on all the right guidelines for, "How to color your hair at home  "
 For advice you can message him  on his Instagram,@seanjameshair and do virtual hair color applications with him he accepts Venmo and Pay pal  it the new way to see your hairstylist, Hairstylists all over the country are doing it for their clients,
   When asked what the best thing to do with your growing roots is  , his response was,
" Originally I was against this, and thought that clients should wait, that's when we were talking about a month of" stay at home " but now that it looks like 3 months  I say let's explore a …

Jamie Lee Curtis cuts up the red carpet for “Knives Out “ premier hair by Sean James