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Missing Jay leno.

Late night Tv's ssssssssssso sad with the new addition Of Conan,in replacement of Jay, and whats up with the lame Guests that they have on the show ? They may as well just start having Bloggers  on I'd think we'd be far more funny & interesting , In fact , My sister Jennifer Lalor, sitting on her  Eco farm Raising Four children in New Zealand doing graduate school online & working a full time Job  And raisng a bunch of stinky sheep ,  Has funnier stories, 
 In Jays Last week  on air I was fortunate enough to get to to do Jamie lee Curtis's  hair for he last    night on the show .
 As usual Jays team where  so welcoming , and as a true gentleman  Jay came backstage to greet Jamie  & wish her luck before she went out on stage to sit with him as he always did . there was usually a very dirty joke told  whenever he came backstage  this night   although this was the exception  Jay seemed a little more  reflective . 
 I miss the show,  But glad I can share with you this fond memory  taken on my photo booth , which was kind of  a theme for the episode , Jamie & Jay where making fun of how people use hand signs in pictures on their facebook pages . On the left  Is Camille Clarke  Jamie's longtime Makeup artist, together she and I are appropriately  called The Vanities , we care!
 The episode was a hit Jamie was Very funny  as usual 

 it was a great memory 
 we miss you Jay. 
 xo Sean James 


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