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Arcona event in LA.

 Another weeknight in Hollywood ,
 I was fortunate enough to meet China Chow and do her hair last night,  while makeup artist Kerri Malouf  brightend up her  face with Mineral makeup ZUZU, for an event for a wonderful new skin care line  called  Arcona.
The event was at VIE Eco boutique  on west 3rd st. In LA. 
 Thrown  by M.M.L .pr  all the usual suspects from the fashion world where there , stylst B.   the editors from IN STYLE .Emily Deschanel from Bones, jewelery designer Nancy Bennet from SIDVINTAGE, along with a sophisticated group of women  having their faces primped & scrubbed by Arcona, 
 There a bout three other men  ,besides myself.  One of them being Kevin Anderson the president of Arcona. It was really a very nice eve    


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