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" How do I look" featuring Sean James

  What an amazing time I had  working on the new season of "How do I look," on the Style network. Hollywood Blvd. was shut down for the reveal on a Friday night!  It was a big operation. Executive producer Riaz Patel  and senior Producer Camilla Rahaman,  formerly from American Idol, have done an amazing job doing an actual makeover on the show itself . I cant wait until it airs.
 New host Jeannie Mai, is charismatic  and caring  & guides  our fashion challenged Melissa Telwar though the  steps .
  My job was to do the hair transformation & morph  Melissa, formerly nicknamed "Turtle,"      ( due to hiding under a  beanie )  into a newly made over more respectable  young woman & wow does she  emerge with some makeup help by my assistant Katie Oneil and wardobe by Bory Tan, we hope she keeps it up !
 Great job  everyone! I look forward to finding out about coming back for  episode six. fingers crossed everyone. I would love to be doing my own makeover show, it was so much fun .


  1. I love that host!! Ive seen Jeannie Mai thru MTV and Character something on USA. She is a sweetheart! So lucky to work with her!

  2. Oh will the final episode was not mine to appear on, dissapointed but fortunate and greatful to have worked on one eppisode what an inspiration


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