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Welcome Bloggers , 
 Its an exciting time for all of us in the Beauty industry ,in tough times past it has been when we as professionals have been the most creative , I cant wait to see what phoenix arises from the ashes of 2008.
 Already Im seeing beautiful new honey blondes arising And lightly lit balliaged brunettes .
 Who'd of thought Id ever be doing a blog ?
 I might be a little late jumping on the bandwagon But I promise to keep you informed with all that I seem fit to be truely good & entertaining for all your beauty needs, I Hope to bring you Quality Reviews on great products I come across & would like to be avalible for all your questions reguarding the beauty & fashion industry. 
  I will be off to N.Y.C. next week for fashion week Where I will be co- leading with Frank Galasso a fantastic team for MONARCHY's Debut show .  I hope to have plenty of pics for you on my return . This is going to exciting ! I cant wait for this site to grow and hear your thought to make this site the best it can be . 
  Stay tuned  .................... xoSean James 


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